How We Help

From age 12 until 25 our brains and bodies undergo significant change. As with any change, there is stress and resistance.  Tension in families often increases when there is a teenager at home.   

With change comes discomfort. Forward Counseling offers individual counseling services to adolescents as a way to offer them support in a non-threatening environment. Adolescents can find a supportive ear to help them transition this difficult time. Forward Counseling also offers family counseling to help parents understand the challenge of maintaining stability in the sea of parenting an adolescent. 

Our Method

We use a problem-solving, person-centered approach to confront a range of issues such as:

○  Anxiety
○  Academic Difficulties
○  Bullying
○  Grief and Loss
○  Relationships
○  Family Conflicts
○  Substance abuse and addiction
○  Trauma & Abuse
○  Self-Confidence Issues
○  Aggression

We recognize that people are doing the best they can with their current skill set. At Forward Counseling, we teach adolescents and parents how to manage and cope with their stressors in healthy ways. The approach is tailored to each person or families needs. Therapy techniques include:

·  Cognitive behavior therapy
·  Dialectical behavior therapy
·  Art therapy
·  Play therapy
·  Solution-focused brief therapy
·  Family therapy
·  Crisis intervention
·  Pet-assisted therapy