Wow! Win a FREE Mood Boost Box from Calm!

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How about a PACKAGE of MOOD BOOSTING, SENSORY TOOLS delivered to YOU or a LOVED ONE every month?

At Calm Blankets, we are into natural ways to stimulate your senses and help you relax.  Our MOOD BOOST BOX is a way to get customized, high quality self care goods delivered to your door in fun packaging on a regular basis.  Each MOOD BOOST BOX contains tools to stimulate your sense of sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste.     

Our customized package of sensory stimulating and mood boosting items will be delivered to your door providing you will tools for improving your sensory experience. 


What Products are inside your MOOD BOOST BOX?

Doterra & Aura Cacia Oils and Aromatherapy Products, Sensory Shoppe Sensory Tools, Stimtastic Jewelry, Voluspa Flame and Wax, FDA Approved, BPA Free Products,  Biofeedback Products, Sound Therapy Products,  Coping Skill Accessories, Stress and Tension Release Aids, Depression and Anxiety Tools.  Each MOOD BOOSTING SENSORY BOX has items that sell for $50 retail, custom picked for you, for only $29.95, plus shipping!  Get Started here:


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