Men’s Group hosted by Henry Isaac, LPC

Wisdom is knowing how to handle your emotions and communicate effectively. If you are looking for a safe place to unpack, grow and heal, check out our Men’s Group.


Where do men turn today to get help and support for their struggles with feelings, relationships, stress, and other problems? Some men are fortunate in having strong, supportive relationships with a spouse or life partner, loving family members they can talk to, and sometimes a church group or other support system. However, studies suggest that a majority of men struggle in silence. This group is for you if you are someone who needs a safe space to unpack and heal.

  • Adult age 25 and over, Mondays at 6 Pm at our Poplar Location

  • Young adult, 18-25, Mondays at 5 PM at our Poplar Location

  • Insurance accepted for this group


Henry has a background in law enforcement, treating addiction, working with children and families and treating trauma and mental health issues. Henry is EMDR trained. No judgment here and no topic is off limits.