Having difficulty finding a therapist in your area or leaving work or school to attend counseling?

Online therapy has been proven to be as effective as in-person therapy. As long as you have a smartphone and Wi-Fi, one of our providers can do Teletherapy with you! We use a HIPPA Compliant Conferencing System and an app based program called TheraChat to send assignments to you.

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Advantages of Online Therapy:

  • Online therapy has been proven to be as effective as in-person therapy.

  • Easier access: Clients who live in remote areas or who have limited mobility or limited access to transportation may be more motivated to participate in online therapy.

  • Reduced cost: Online therapy eliminates the costs associated with travel time and gas.

  • More consistent therapy: Online therapy decreases absences due to poor weather conditions or sickness, allowing clients to participate in therapy on a regular basis.

  • More intense therapy: Online therapy can be scheduled more frequently, as clients do not have to commute long distances.

  • Increased progress: Since online therapy provides more intense therapy, it can accelerate progress.

  • Better access to specialists: Online therapy can allow individuals in remote areas to get help from specialists who may not be available in their geographic location.

  • Psychological comfort: Online therapy can help with eliminating the social stigma related to receiving mental counseling or other therapy.

  • Flexibility: Clients have access to more specialists and can select the specialists who can work with their schedules.

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What CAn I expect from teletherapy

  • Sessions are 45 minutes long

  • Prior to your appointment, your Teletherapist will email you a link to click that will immediately link you to our HIPPA Compliant, secure video conferencing system. It is similar to Facetime but more secure.

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How DO I get started?

In order to get started, fill out an appointment request form here.

One of our office managers will be in contact via, phone, email or text based on your communication preferences to get your first appointment scheduled.