What is Family Therapy?

Unlike individual therapy, family therapy involves exploring how families can solve problems together. A skilled therapist assists the family identify unhealthy patterns and make lasting changes.   

Family therapy may be used to focus on individual topics such as financial issues, conflict resolution between family members, or family therapy may focus on how one family member’s actions effects the rest of the family. 

Here’s a quick look at few of the topics we might work on in family therapy:

  • Divorce or Abandonment
  • Relationship conflicts, abuse
  • Financial stress
  •  Eating disorder
  • Substance abuse
  • Grief and death
  • Aging parents

How Does a Family Therapy Session Work?

During the initial sessions we will get to know each other, identify problems and family dynamics. Your therapist will discuss a plan to help your family reach their goals. Through family therapy and homework assignments, family members work together to resolve problems and improve family functioning. 


How Long Does a Session Last and How Much Does It Cost?

90 minutes per session and the fee is $150.00


How Long Will I Need Therapy?

The length of time a family engages in therapy depends on the issues. Family therapy involves “homework.” Just as in learning a foreign language, the more you practice the skills learned in session, the quicker the progress. Some issues resolve quickly (helping a family choose a school for their child), whereas other issues took longer to develop and may take longer to resolve (patterns of abuse,   infidelity). After the initial few weeks, your therapist will help you identify goals and approximate length of therapy. 



“Thanks to you, I got the encouragement to build tools that have helped me build the relationship with my family back.  Thank you for helping me help myself. I will never forget you.”
Female, age 17


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