Dr. Richard Wanderman provides medical and wellness services at Forward Counseling that can include medication and other complementary modalities.  

According to the National Wellness Institute, “Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.” This definition describes a shift from unconscious living – where you do not think about your health until you have a problem or experience symptoms – to conscious living – where you are actively making healthy choices to promote your success and wellbeing.

Wellness Is Multidimensional & Holistic

Wellness is multidimensional in that there are several different areas of life considered to be a part of overall wellness, as shown in the Wellness Wheel above. Wellness is not just about physical activity and good nutrition. It includes positive choices and a sense of fulfillment spiritually, occupationally, psychologically, physically, environmentally and socially.

Wellness is holistic in that it encompasses the total person and explores the relationship between various dimensions of wellness. Instead of simply directly treating symptoms, such as poor nutrition, our approach to wellness involves understanding how the various dimensions are interrelated and may be affecting one another. If you are not psychologically well, for instance, it is likely that your success in other areas of life will be impacted as well.

Dr. Wanderman has been in practice for 45 years as a Pediatrician, an Adolescent specialist and an Allergist. Dr. Wanderman was born in New York City and attended college in New York and Ohio. His philosophy of practice is that there must be a partnership between patient and practitioner with open communication going both ways. This enables the doctor and patient to create optimal wellness and health. He uses conventional medicine as well as several alternative approaches. These include diet, vitamins and supplements, and incorporate other complimentary modalities when needed. His concern is your health, and his goals are to keep you off medication when possible, and to teach you how to be and stay healthy. 

Dr. Wanderman has five children, and in his free time he writes poetry and paints.


Initial appointment (45 minutes) with Dr. Wanderman is $200.  Follow up appointments are $150 per session (30-45 minutes).  Dr. Wanderman is in network with Blue Cross/ Blue Shield and is currently out of network with other insurance but we will help you file for out of network benefits.  You can for Dr. Wanderman's services with Medical or Health Savings Account Card.  He is available for appointments on Tuesdays 9-12, Thursdays 9-12, and Fridays. 

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