Forward Counseling has counseled thousands of clients since 2012 and our outcome studies show that we are effective! If you have questions, feel free to give us a call at 901-930-7397 to reach our receptionist.

We believe anyone can heal with the right tools. Forward Counseling offers a holistic path to resolve emotional distress and improve performance with our services. We utilize evidenced based, progressive interventions and track your progress to help you meet your goals.  Choose your practitioner(s) here

We are brave, resilient, survivors. We are healers and some of us are in recovery. We are authentic, diverse, and lifetime learners. We are here, as a team, to support your growth process.

Together, we are each better.

Meet Our Providers :

We challenge the status quo by empowering our clients to overcome the shame and stigma associated with mental illness, while also empowering clients to resolve their problematic symptoms.

Our radical goal is to help you cure your diagnosis, recover from the symptoms, and to help you achieve personal goals you never thought possible.

We are brave enough to tackle any subject matter that will help you move Forward.

No judgement here, just the most effective, progressive interventions and support from a diverse, experienced team.

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Connection is the cure for Depression, yet it can be so difficult to find genuine connections these days. Our Group Therapy is a place to learn, grow and connect.

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