How Does an Individual Therapy Session Work?

During the initial sessions we will get to know each other and identify problem areas and goals.  As we establish a relationship, we will start to focus on the solution to your problem. This may involve learning new skills, working through issues, or other therapeutic methods for recovery.  You can read about the members of our team here and choose the therapist you want to work with or we can suggest one for you based on your concerns.  

How Long Does a Session Last?

45 minutes per session.  A crisis session can last longer. 

What do we talk about in Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy focuses on you, the individual and your goals.  After you and your therapist spend some time getting to know each other, the two of you will complete a Treatment Plan.  The Treatment Plan is an outline of your goals and your plan to get there.  This one-on-one method usually takes place in the comfort of our home like offices, but at times we see clients off premises in order to help client meet their goals.  We offer individual therapy sessions to all clients.



How Long Will I Need Therapy?


 That depends on what  you are trying to resolve and your current level of functioning.  We can discuss length of treatment with you on a case by case basis.  Personal growth is a commitment that requires time and effort, just like learning a sport or mastering a foreign language.




“I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. You have helped me to let go of my resentments and find positive things to do.  I am more confident and less scared of not being accepted. I can now stand up for myself.  Thank you for everything and I’m gonna miss you.” Former Client

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