At Forward Counseling, we offer a variety of assessment services to help you know your baseline and grow from there. We offer assessments in these areas:

  • Mental Health Assessments (including assessing for Depression, Mood Disorder, Anxiety, ADHD, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Post Partum Depression, Adjustment Disorder, Stress and Coping)

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders Assessment (Including Asbergers & Sensory Processing)

  • Speech and Language Assessments

  • Academic Functioning for grades 1-12

  • Personal Values Assessment

  • Nutrition Assessments

  • Personality Assessments (including strengths, weaknesses)

  • Career Interest Assessment

  • Marital Assessment

Why do an assessment?

An assessment can help you create goals to address the real issues.

An assessment can lead to school accomodations for your child to help them succeed.  

An assessment can answer your questions of why you do certain things the way you do them.

How does Forward Counseling Charge for Assessment Services?  

The assessments are done by our team of providers whose fees range from $50-125 per hour. Below you can find each assessment service and the expected length of time and charge to complete each assessment.  In some cases, your insurance may pay for testing services.  Unfortunately, in a lot of cases Insurance does not cover testing, but we will do our best to file it properly.  We charge up front for testing and if your insurance happens to also pay, we will issue you a refund.   

  • Mental Health Assessments $125 Per hour, 1-4 hours, approximate cost $375

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders Assessment This is a team effort by Dr. Wanderman, Denice Perkins, SLP, Jessica Shea, LCSW. Clients will need to spend time with each provider. $125 per hour, approximately 6 hours, approximate total cost $725

  • Speech and Language Assessments with Denice Perkins, SLP-CCC $125 Per hour, approximately 2 hours, approximate cost $250

  • Academic Functioning Assessments for grades 1-12 $50 per hour approximately 6 hours for testing and interpreting results, approximate total cost $300

  • Personal Values Assessment 1 hour w Jessica Shea, LCSW $125

  • Nutrition Assessments by Dr Wanderman, 1-2 hours, approximate cost $350; by Emily Phipps, RN $125 per hour,

  • Personality Assessments 1 hour with Jessica Shea, LCSW $125

  • Career Interest Assessment 1 hour with Jessica Shea, LCSW $125

  • Marital Assessment and Intervention Plan with Greg Hale, MS, $85 per hour, approximately 5 hours, approximately $425

To get started call 901-930-7397 and let our Office Manager know that you would like to come in for one of the assessments listed above.