The Power of Motivation


Ever felt a little lousy and didn’t know why? Of course you have. Haven’t we all? So often happiness is put on that seemingly unattainable pedestal high above our feasibilities. Whether it’s boredom, worry, a fight with a loved one, or a time when you gave it your all and it didn’t get you there—we’ve all felt that little drain unplug in our hopes and suck it all away. But what if happiness wasn’t such a huge deal? What if it was ever present, and there were a few ways we could make that a little more clear? According to Psychology Today, there are 5 general ways that could potentially put a little bit of that pep back in your step and help plug up that drain again. 

#1 is to exercise. This isn’t about body image or self esteem, although if those are perks for you—awesome. This is about the endorphins released when we break a sweat. Whether it’s a jog or a few jumping jacks, a little exercise can go a LONG way for our mood. “Body and mind are inseparable,” says the article.

#2 is to talk to someone. Social engagement not only takes our minds off of our present worries, but it can foster relationships that boost confidence, “increase your energy, and cultivate motivation.”

#3 is to focus on gratitude. This is one thing Forward Counseling believes in strongly, recognizing the fact that practicing gratitude is to focus on the positivity in your life. It’s easy to focus on the itty bitty bumps in the road. Try taking a second to ruminate on the bigger positives. 

#4 “Imagine the best-case outcome for your near future.” We focus too much on the what ifs. What if I fail? What if it doesn’t work out? What if I’m wrong? What if I embarrass myself? But what about the other side of the what ifs? What if I succeed? What if it all works out? What if I’m right? What if I make everyone proud? Allowing yourself to imagine the best case scenario generates that motivation it takes to actually make it happen.

#5 Make a goal for the day. Anything. Just find something you want to get done and do it. The sense of accomplishment and control of your life can go a long way. 

Notice what these five things have in common? Motivation. Each of these easy steps centers around cultivating motivation to get up and make the most of your day, and consequently your life. So when you find yourself stuck in the lazy, the sad, the angry, or the hopeless dumps, give some of these a try. Get up, get moving, and appreciate the day in front of you.