Recharge your romance

Human beings seek novelty. We are always looking for new stimulation and experiences. Therefore, after spending years with the same person, it naturally follows that we start to get bored. In romantic relationships, it is necessary to keep things exciting and spicy. We’re not only talking about in the bedroom, but that is the part we will be focusing on today.

As a friend of mine once said, “The bedroom should only be for S and S. Sleeping and sex . . . And the other S if you have a bathroom attached to it . . .” He was joking, but the sentiment has proof to back it up. The blue light of most digital screens (cell phones, tvs, computers, tablets) disrupts our sleep by preventing the release of melatonin, a hormone essential to feeling rested upon waking up. Therefore, we say this: yank the TV out of the wall, charge your phone in the hallway, and if you must read an e-book do it on a paper-white e-reader. Your bedroom is for your own rejuvenation and recharging—treat it as a sanctuary!

Your bedroom is also where you will practice recharging your romantic life. Take this quiz with your partner to see how your sexual interests match up: two of you may take the quiz together or separately, and then the program will calculate your results and bring up only those activities you are mutually interested in. The list is expansive and inclusive. Have fun! 

P.S. Try sleeping naked and enjoy the many benefits. Check out the resource below, iIt can’t hurt!  After all, Marilyn was a fan . . . 

“I only wear Chanel No. 5 to bed.” –Marylin Monroe.  

Written by Catherine Clubb-Brown, intern

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