Another Look at the Sandy Hook Tragedy

This article provides an interesting perspective on the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. While the horrific incident has sparked debates regarding gun regulation and the safety of our school systems, this author brings up the point that perhaps the real issue to focus on in this case is the untreated mental illness and what it can lead to. The author describes her struggle with her son’s mental illness and the way she is torn between her love for him and her fear of what he’s capable of. It’s no secret that psychiatric hospitals can be scary places for residents or that physical restraints can only make matters worse, but then the question really becomes: what CAN we do?

We need to be focusing on a positive, less evasive, and secure way to treat those with severe mental disorders. I would also like to make the extremely important point that not all mental illness leads to violence. Most does not. But there are cases in which the severely psychotic, when untreated, can exhibit harmful behaviors to those around them. Can’t we find a way to treat these cases while someone is a client, rather than further encourage the wrongful stigma of mental health after someone becomes a criminal? This article makes some interesting points on the matter. It is worth reading and sparks some excellent thoughts for a greater discussion.