Depression in a Metaphor: Do "Black Dog Days" have you down?

Depression is a serious condition, one that detriments all parts of life, both mentally and physically. But it can be difficult to understand what other people are going through when you can’t see any physical markings. This is a video that relates depression to an extremely intrusive and cruel black dog. The video discusses the lack of confidence and motivation the man feels, as well as the “superhuman strength” it takes him to wake up and get out of bed in the mornings.

The video also details the beneficial ways to get that black dog to go away. Aside from medication, the man finds that “being emotionally genuine to those around you can be an absolute game changer.” Earlier in the video he discusses the exhaustion that comes from putting his time and energy into hiding the black dog. Trying to portray a fake emotion isn’t helping anything.

This man learns to come to terms with his depression and discovers ways to help it settle down in his life. He mentions how making an effort to feel more relaxed and less stress gives depression less control over his emotions, as well as exercise, a mood journal, and practicing gratitude.

Perhaps most importantly, the man urges that “black dog days can and will pass.” At Forward Counseling, we’d like to help it along. Contact us to make an appointment if you feel like black dog days are weighing you down. By learning to quiet your mind, you can get a hold of your depression and stop letting it control you. See our therapy options to learn more!