Dean Graves to lead Mindful Fridays at Forward Counseling

Dean Graves has aided people in their personal healing of unwanted conditions through teaching meditation and mindfulness for over fifteen years in the Memphis area. Additionally, Dean has been instructed and practiced a variety of emotional healing methods identified simply as “emotion processing” that expedite the healing process by enhancing concentration and awareness, the same elements that meditation develops, and allows the individual to more quickly experience healing from unwanted conditions. The primary methods used in these healing processes employ a variety of techniques developed by Dr. Zivorad Slavenski, a Serbian psychologist who has researched various techniques from around the world for most of his life and subsequently developed and employed his own techniques which he has used in his personal growth and counseling practice for decades.

Having been instructed by the creator of the process(s) directly and achieved certification as a trainer of these methods, Dean has focused the applications to alleviate traumas and other conditions resulting from unpleasant life events so the client can begin to experience life with joy and happiness. Most traumas and unwanted conditions dissipate quickly, often within the first session and do not return which liberates the client to enjoy life more completely almost immediately. The collection of methods, characterized as a “spiritual technology”, is safe and effective.

Significant success is frequently experienced with such conditions as trauma (including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), bi-polar, grief, anxiety, phobias, psychosomatic disorders and many more. Through a dedicated enterprise of emotion processing and a daily mindful meditation practice we learn to heal the past, create a happy present, and enjoy a future full of joy and excited anticipation. Awareness is both the discovery tool and the healing tool and learning to take control of the mind is the means by which we learn to cease creating what we don’t like and begin creating only what we do like.

Dean will be teaching group mindfulness and offers one on one mindfulness sessions on Fridays.  If you continue to be triggered but don't know why, let Dean help you with mindfulness uncover what is holding you back from your happiness.  

Dean is available on Fridays from 1-6 at our Colonial location, call 901-930-7397 to schedule or complete an appointment request form here: